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Long Term Care
Nursing Homes, Home Care, Community-Based Services, Support for Caregiver

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Nursing Homes
(Also called Skilled Nursing Facilities)

Finding and Choosing Nursing Homes

Medicare · www.medicare.gov/nursing/overview.asp?
This page on the Medicare website offers links with a variety of information about nursing homes. To find and compare Medicare or Medicaid certified nursing homes anywhere in the United States and view comparison information, click on the 'Nursing Home Compare' link.

Joint Commission On Accrediting Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) · www.jointcommission.org
Click on 'General Public' then on 'Helping You Choose Guides'

National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform · http://nccnhr.newc.com · 202-332-2275
Highlight 'Fact Sheets' then on "A Consumer guide to Choosing Nursing Homes."

This organization maintains a national watch list of nursing homes that have been cited for violations or complaints that patients actually have been harmed or are in danger of being harmed.

Overseeing Care of Institutionalized Loved Ones

Friends And Relatives of Institutionalized Aging (FRIA) · www.fria.org · 212-732-4455 (helpline)
This organization seeks to improve the lot of nursing home residents by "...helping friends and relatives become more informed and effective caregivers for the needs of their loved ones."  In part, they do this through their free telephone helpline (M - F, 10am - 5pm) and publications that include "Comprehensive Care Planning: A Family guide to Effective Participation." To find this free copy, click on 'Publications.' Visit this site to learn more about their offerings.

National Family Caregiver Association · www.thefamilycaregiver.org
Among other helpful offerings, this site has tip sheets and how-to guides for choosing nursing homes, taking charge and communicating with healthcare professionals. To find these, click on 'Caregiver Resources' then 'Tips and Guides.'

Home Care

Finding and Choosing Home Care Agencies

Medicare · www.medicare.gov/HHCompare/Home.asp?
This site offers links for finding and comparing all medicare-certified home health care agencies in the U.S.

American Cancer Society · www.cancer.org · 800-ACS-2345
Enter 'Home Care Agency' in search box, the click 'GO' for links to information about finding Home care agencies, questions to ask when considering specific agencies and more.

Mayo Clinic · www.mayoclinic.com
Click on 'Healthy Living' then 'Senior Health' and then 'Health care options' for information about home care, long term care, questions to ask when considering home care services and more.

Community-Based Resources

Eldercare Locator · www.eldercare.gov · 800-677-1116
Visit or call this service to find phone numbers of local and state agencies that can tell you what services are in your area.

Adult Day Care Centers

Helpguide.org · www.helpguide.org
This site is a joint project of the Santa Monica, CA Rotary Club and the Center for Healthy Aging. A great deal of information can be found there, including explanations of Adult Day Care options and questions to ask when checking them out. Once there, click on 'Challenges of Aging', then on 'Adult Day Care.'

Senior Companion Programs

Senior Corps · www.nationalservice.gov
This program sends senior citizens to homes of other seniors who need some companionship. To find out about this service and whether it is available in your community, click on 'Senior Corps' then 'Senior Companion Program' and then 'Visit The Senior Corps Site to Learn More About Senior Companions.' Instructions for learning if your state and community offer this program are at the bottom of the page.

 Meals On Wheels

Meals On Wheels Association of America · www.mowaa.org
This is a federal nutrition program for the homebound elderly. To find the meals on wheels programs nearest you, visit this site and click on ‘Find Meals Near You!’

Information and Support for Family Caregivers

Finding Geriatric Care Managers

National Association of Professional Care Managers · www.caremanagers.org
Geriatric care managers (also know as senior care managers) can help long-distance family caregivers make sure their elderly loved ones are getting the care they need. Visit this site to learn more about what Geriatric Care Managers do and to find listings of those near you.

Information and Support

Helpguide.Org · www.helpguide.org

The Family Care Alliance · www.caregiver.org

Friends and Relatives of Institutionalized Aged (FRIA) · www.fria.org

National Family Caregiver Support Program · www.aoa.gov