Healthcare and Health-Information Technology

Computer-Assistance Diagnosis

While still controversial, two programs are gaining widespread use by clinicians for aiding in diagnosis. They are:

“Isabel” -- See www.isabelhealthcare.com
Problem Knowledge Coupler -- See www.pkc.com

Robotic ‘Doctors’ and Surgeries

Healthcare technology now includes the use of robots for exams, consultations and surgeries.
Videos of these uses can be found by clicking on the following links.

http://www.intouchhealth.com/GMA.htm  - Good Morning America interview with Robotic ‘Doctor’
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CGFK8B1dT4  - Robotic surgery with doctor and patient in different rooms
http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=5328870n  - Explanation of robotic surgery and questions to ask about it.

Patient Education: How to Find Reliable Information on the Web

Medical Library Assn. www.mlanet.org – Click ‘For Health Consumers’ for a variety of info including:
            Top Ten Most Useful Websites
            Tutorial for evaluating other websites
            Deciphering Medspeak

MedlinePlus – www.medlineplus.gov – Info available in multiple languages. A great site for a variety of info
Click ‘Videos and Cool Tools” for excellent tutorials explaining:
            How to evaluate Internet Health Information
            How to Understand Medical Words
            Different conditions, tests and procedures

A Web Resource for Updating Friends and Family on a Loved Ones Condition

To set up a free, personalized website that can keep friends and family updated
on the condition of an ill  loved one, visit CaringBridge - www.caringbridge.org