Understanding and Managing Medications



Prescription, Generic & Over-the-Counter Drugs

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) · 888-463-6332

Medline Plus  · No Number Listed


Dietary Supplements Information

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition · 888-723-3366

Mayo Clinic · No Number Listed

Office of Dietary Supplements · 301-435-2920


Complementary and Alternative Medicines

Alternative Medicine Foundation · 301-340-1960
Mayo Clinic · No Number Listed · Enter “Complementary Medicine” in search box

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine · 888-644-6226



“Be an Active Member of Your Health Care Team”
National Council on Patient Information and Education · 301-656-8565 · Click on “For Medicine Users”




Pharmacy Assistance Programs

NeedyMeds · No Phone Listed
This not-for-profit organization helps people find four types of programs: Pharmacy Assistance Programs, Help With Paperwork programs, Assistance With Specific Diseases and Conditions programs, and government Programs.


New York State Epic Program · 800-332-3742 · TTY 800-290-9138

This is a NYS prescription plan for seniors to help pay for their prescriptions.


AARP Bulletin · 888-687-2277

Search state-by-state and plan-by-plan for pharmacy assistance programs.


National Council on Aging · No Number Listed

Helps those aged 55 and over find prescription savings programs. Also helps Medicare Beneficiaries figure out if they qualify for Extra Help with the Medicare D program.


Medicare D Program

The Official US Government Site for People With Medicare · 800-Medicare
AARP Bulletin · 888-687-2277

Buying Drugs Online
US FDA · Provides information and guidelines for those who are considering buying drugs online.


Buying Medications From Other Countries

US FDA · Links to articles regarding the importation of drugs from other countries. The FDA advises against this practice.

AARP Bulletin
“Prescription Drugs from Canada: How to Avoid Unsafe Drugs and Dubious Sellers”

“Sites to See: Getting Prescription Drugs Safely From Canada”