Updated December 7, 2006

Women's Health

National Women's Health Resource Center 877-986-9472 (Toll-free)
Visitors to this web site can: find information on a variety of health topics, access state-by-state listings of women-friendly clinics and an invitation to call their toll-free number and talk with a staff person who can help them learn about key matters to discuss with their physicians. Because the organization's focus is on women's health and wellbeing, the site addresses issues that go beyond the medical to, for instance, matters of a healthy lifestyle. As well, they also address family and men's health since they can have an impact on women's health and wellbeing.

Women's Health in the News No Number Listed
This site contains current and archived issues of a free, weekly publication that summarizes developments in women's health as reported in medical journals, conferences and through a variety of media.